Thursday, February 17, 2011

All Blacks will win the Rugby World Cup

All Blacks will win the world cup..

Now before SA Home Affairs threatens to revoke my citizenship and try to take the Green Mamba off me, or you think I have been drinking too many trim latte’s in Ponsonby lately (I had the MEANEST hot chocolate at Duke Carvell’s in Wellington the other day, by the way… The barista’s facial hair’s a bit dodgy though, don’t say I didn’t warn you…), let me rephrase that:

The All Blacks will win the world cup….. That’s IF any 1 of the following happens over the next few months. And if or when all of these actually become true, I’d start running if I were you!!

1) The Stormers win the Super XV – Let’s face it.. It ain’t gonna happen! After finally reaching the final (after what seemed like 900 fruitless previous attempts) in 2010, I’m sure the hype coming out of Cape Town will make us wanna believe that “this is our year! This is the year we finally go one step further and win it!!!” There’s only 1 other team that has managed to break my heart as many times (please refer to point nr 3) as WP or the Stormers over the last 20 years, so it’s probably about time I’m honest.. For me, it’s a case of history repeating itself – The Stormers were “ok” in 2008 and the season was seen as “a success” after they only narrowly missed out on a semi final spot behind the Hurricanes. In 2009 we all expected them to kick on and go further, but they were shocking and after an abysmal start (3 losses from the opening 4 games) their season was already over before the season reached the halfway mark.
Last year they played some fantastic rugby (especially in New Zealand against the Blues and the Chiefs) but I just have a pretty uneasy feeling about this season, sorry. For me there are just a few things that “don’t seem right”. The injury of Tiaan Liebenberg is a major blow – I just don’t know how good our backup to Deon Fourie is, sorry... I also don’t like the fact that Bash is still eating sushi in Japan, and nobody can really tell me when he’ll be back. He was one of the unsung heroes in the team last year. His place kicking was superb; he managed to get the backs away nicely. I know pre season games count for NOTHING, but why do I also get a feeling that we looked sharper 12 months ago?? And don’t even get me started on starting the competition with a *&&%# bye this weekend!!
Also, remember: the Chiefs were losing finalists in 2009 and were waaaay off the pace in 2010..

2) Tommy Smyth (“with a Y!!”) and Shaka Hislop agree on something/ doesn’t have a raging argument during an episode of ESPN Soccernet Presspass - It’s a bit like a car crash – No matter how bad it is, you just can’t help yourself you to have a peek.. Same with Soccernet Presspass: There’s just something “wrong” about watching a show produced by Americans about soccer/football, but to hear Tommy letting rip into Shaka a few times a week is pure gold!
I just can’t help to tune in every night at 21h00… Yes Shaka, West Ham will be “right up there at the end of the season!”

3) The Proteas play in the final of the cricket world cup – I wanted to say “win world cup”, but that’s a bit rich if you consider we’ve never ever featured in a final since readmission in 1992, so I’m prepared to take baby steps… 1992 it was “22 runs off 1 ball”, in 1996 we were unbeaten in pool play, only to come unstuck against the Windies in the quarter final. 1999 @Hershybru famously “dropped the world cup” and Klusener and Donald decided to take running between the wickets lessons from Susan Boyle.. 2003 Polly read the Duckworth Lewis sheet wrong and 2007 Australia absolutely smashed us in the semi’s (after we lost to Bangladesh in pool game!!). So why will 2011 be any different??

4) Chelsea finishes 5th in the Premier League and misses out on Champions League spot – now this one I will REALLY enjoy. Wouldn’t it be somewhat ironic if Klit Torres misses out on playing in the UEFA Champions League with his “big club” next season, after leaving Liverpool for that exact same reason and wanting “to play on the highest level” possible? Suddenly I find myself cheering madly for Spurs… Take that 4th spot! Please!!! mmmm… wonder if Torres will be going out on loan to Bolton next season to join Sturridge?

5) Andy Murray wins Wimbledon – Can you imagine the post-match scenes of jubilation on Henman Hill (sorry, Mount Murray)?? The last time a Brit won Wimbledon was Fred Perry in 1936, so it’s fair to say it’s been a while… Sheez, even WP has won the Currie Cup since then!! I can already see the newspaper headlines if Murray does take the prize… It’ll be “Our Andy!” or “Magnificent Murray mesmerizes” everywhere. But should the poor guy cock it up (again), be sure to expect “Sad Scot stumbles at SW19” (relax Gordon Brown.. no one saw you leave the VIP lounge with its free booze..)

6) Lance Armstrong gets convicted for doping – It seems like these days not a month go by where Floyd Landis is not accusing Lance and other former US Postal riders of doping and the evidence against him seems to be piling up by the minute. Still, if he hasn’t been done by now, surely it’ll never happen?

7) P Divvy decides it's time to stop thinking he is SA’s hottest part time standup comedian and reverts to dropping the Bible stories from his interviews and concentrates purely on rugby -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ok, what was I thinking? This will never happen while this joker is in charge of the Springboks! (Pieter, for the record, unlike Craig Dowd or Brendon Cannon I don’t have any money, so save yourself the trouble by trying to sue me for talking kak about you, ok)

8) The Black Caps win a test match – They recently managed to make it to the 5th day of the second test against Pakistan, so I had to be reasonable and change it from “making it to day 5 of a test match”, to “actually winning one”. The last time they won a test match, against decent opposition that is, was against England in Hamilton during 2008. But still Scott Styris and co wants to remind everyone at the World Cup “they can beat any team on the day”. Pig, you’re a bit like the Bulls of 2001.. You can’t beat anybody at the moment.. (For the record: I think Zimbabwe are going to klap you at this World Cup)

9) Earl Rose makes a tackle while playing for Griekwas in the Vodacom Cup – I see Earl the Pearl has swapped his super snazzy digs in Jozi for a stint with Griekwas in Kimberley. Not sure if super coach Pieter will be too happy with firstly John Mitchell cutting him from the Lions setup, and now Naka also telling him he’s not good enough for the Cheetahs’ super rugby squad this season. Don’t worry Earl – every World Cup squad has a bolter selection.. You can be the Boks fairytale story, a player who was plucked from Vodacom Cup rugby to play in a World Cup! If that fails, you can always consider your options and move overseas? I’m sure the clubs are queuing up big time to land your signature…

10) Steven Donald retires from competitive rugby – ‘cause if he is fit, Graham Henry is probably going to stick with Beaver as DC’s backup at 10 for the world cup. And we all know Donald’s the man for the big moment with heaps of BMT! He’ll slot that crucial penalty in injury time, or kick the ball out to secure victory…

Pik the Oktoberpuss ( i was born in October. You see what I did there?)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Invictus - Big Pik review

I know nothing about making movies. In fact, I probably know nothing about rugby, since I still support the Stormers after what feels like 27 lean seasons. But boy... I've seen Invictus twice now (and just in case "The Piracy Police" is reading - the first time I actually paid to see it on the "Big Screen". Along with the pop corn, the coke, the lollies oraait!!) and also read some of the expert movie critics' reviews. It just made me think it's about time somebody who actually has a passion for the oval ball game also has something to say it.

Now, the plan is not to spoil the movie for anyone. Well, the plot is pretty obvious then isn't it! (Unless you're an AB's supporter who's been working holidaying in Siberia for the last 15 years that is... In that case: We win, you lose, they all lived happily ever after. The End!)
But, ok on an attempted serious note - here is my recollection of the movie.

I must admit I was pumped when I heard Clint Eastwood was appointed/decided to be the director of a movie based on John Carlin's book Playing the Enemy. I felt the same when I read Matt Damon (Maaaaaattt Daaaamoooonn!! Ok, if you haven't seen Team America forget about it..) would play the part of Francois Pienaar in this movie. And to top it off - Morgan Freeman as our beloved Madiba! I mean really: Morgan Freeman probably looks more like Nelson Mandela than the great man himself! "Legen... wait for it... DAIRY!!! "
But hey, thinking back - I was probably just flattered that the Springboks and SA would actually get a bit of a "Hollywood feel" to it and that a movie was going to be made about 1 of the top 3 days of my life so far. (in no particular order: the 2007 rugby world cup final and my wedding day make up the list.. Well, I had to put the wedding day in there, hey Liefie.. haha just kidding!)
But still - I was rapt! I started the research immediately. I read John Carlin's book (thanks for the b'day pressie Sus!) and it was with great expectation (and in great anticipation) that I took my seat in the movie theatre that Sunday afternoon. But eish... At one stage I thought "Joost's acting" in that white socks movie of his was more believable than Clint Eastwood's perception of a rugby movie.
Now, the idea is not to pi$$ Clint off, 'cause his .44 Magnum is probably not too far away- but the following are just a few things of the movie that really irritated me:
  • 11th of February 1990 - The day Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Clintie, you're right. It was a Sunday afgterooon. I might've been only 14 years old, but I don't think I'll ever forget that day, 'cause we were there and living in the moment. I just find it a little bit difficult to belive DF Malan's u/14 or u/16 P rugby team actually had a rugby practice that day. On a Sunday?? And also on the day Nelson Mandela's convoy of cars are heading through the streets of Belville on their way to the Parade in Cape Town's CBD? With that "other ninja" Hennie Bosman with a "lekker fiek Suff Effricen" accent as their coach telling his team "all about dêt terrorist Mandela".
  • After the game at Kings Park when Matt Damon says "you're right, it does taste like $hit!" and moers his beer can against the wall: I'm not so sure against who the Boks lost this game? Francois Pienaar played one test for the Boks in Durban before the '95 World Cup, but that was against France during June of 1993. And the result in that game was a draw, 20-20.. Also funny how Lion Lager was the big sponsor of Springbok rugby during the early to mid '90s, but the players in the movie are drinking some weird, unknown brew in the changing room after the game? No wonder it tastes like $hit, Matty! Down a Lion, feel satisfied, my bru! (or is that brew, bru? Geez..)
  • The cool as ice white police officer who never bothers to take off his sunglasses, and that irritating gorilla of a Springbok rugby player who wants to boicot everything his "cappy" suggests, feeble attempts at the Saffa accent: I get the impression Clint blew his whole budget on Damon and Freeman's salaries here.. Were there no South African "actors" available for any of the other parts in the movie which involved a bit of dialogue, Clint? Was District 9's Wikus (Sharlto Copley) busy on the weekend you filmed those scenes?? Can you imagine how Jonah Lomu would've kakked his pants if Wikus had to shout "get your vokieng tenticles out of my face" after the first tackle??
  • The character Johan de Villiers, the rugby journo: Ok, I know the problem lies with me here, Clintie.. But I struggle to take a rugby pundit seriously when his only other "credentials" on his cv states "starring in the role of a security guard in the movie Lipstiek Dipstiek!" "if you even think about moving, I shoot you dattie kak spat!" If I was David van der Sandt, I would've been pretty de moer in, 'cause it was his impromptu interview with Francois Pienaar after the final whistle on that amazing day at Ellis Park that included quotes that even Mister Hollywood Eastwood couldn't have scripted better - "Francois, fantastic support from 63,000 South Africans here today" tv anchorman David van der Sandt said straight after the Boks had beaten the mighty All Blacks in the final. Without missing a beat, Pienaar replied: "David, we didn't have the support of 63,000 South Africans today, we had the support of 42 million South Africans." Eish, MAGIC!
  • Chester Williams: Someone obviously gave Clint footage of the Springboks 1998 test match against Wales at Loftus, instead of the 1995 RWC campaign.. How else do you explain the casting of Macneil Hendriks in the role of Chessie???
  • The Nkosi Sikelel' i Afrika singing session in the hotel: "Raait, Cappy"... Surprise, surprise but it's again our friend "the gorilla" who doesn't want to co-operate. Geez, is it just me, or is this guy a bit negative? Can't someone just tell Matt to pull a Jason Bourne on this guy's a$$ and sort him out? Note to Cappy: Gorilla is kak for the morale in the team!!
  • Opening game against the Wallabies at Newlands: In the Hollywood version the Boks score 3 tries. In reality they only scored twice, Clintie..(Joel Stransky and Pieter Hendriks.) In the movie there's no fist pump, and Pieter also scores the try on the right hand side of the field, not on the left in front of the Railway Stand... Sure, Hendriks and his fist pump was tappit and arrogant, but that was what made the try so bloory unforgettable!
  • The general lack of skills in the Springbok backline: Ok, I'm not talking about the EOYT team that lost against Leicester at the end of last year.. But Clint, why did you have to go and sign the most "unco mofgat" as the Springbok flyhalf in your movie? Invictus' Joel Stransky takes a lifetime to clear his line kicks and I guess if it wasn't with the help of CGI, his winning drop goal might've taken half a day and 437 takes to film.. I'm sure I could've given you the names of at least 10 better "voetballers" who would've been willing to star in your movie with only a bottle of Klippies as their preferred method of remuneration. They also can't act, but a word of advice: If you want your audience to believe your nr 10 is the general of your team, then he should at least appear to have a bit of balance and I mustn't be fearing for his safety or think he's going to fall over his own blêrrie feet the whole time during the movie! Or to put it in American terms for you - you don't get Superbad's Mclovin to star in the role of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in a movie about winning the Superbowl! Use it, don't use it...
  • Jonah Lomu: Eish...The poor dude who had to play Jonah. I felt sorry for him! How many times do you think he had to be tackled during filming? "OK, the guys in the green jerseys to tackle Jonah - take 182. Aaaaand ACTION!" Ps - Laurie Mains: I think I know where you guys went wrong. Your game plan was only to give it to Jonah. Too predictable!
  • Brendan Venter, Andrew Mehrtens and Jeff Wilson: Ok, for once I am not complaining here. I have to give the casting director a bit of credit. Both Venter and Mehrts characters come complete with big ears. Very realistic here! And Jeff Wilson also has that "please bliksem me" face.. Just as he had in his playing days!
  • The last 25 seconds of the final: Cringe!!! The players sound like retards while everything is happening in slow motion. "ooooohhh... aaaaah!!" WTF?? I also seriously doubt if Francois Pienaar had time to stare at the clock winding down for the last 20 seconds of the game while the rest of his team mates were putting bodies on the line to defend their lead.

So, there you have it. Clint, you'll probably just shrug your shoulders, tell me to get lost and show me your Academy Awards as counter, but for me the most emotional moment of your movie was at the end when the credits started rolling and I saw the still shots of the REAL '95 Rugby World Cup Springboks and Nelson Mandela. THAT gave me goose bumps!

Hou dit regtig, my huisie!

Big Pik

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fancy a game of Dropoly?

It was during my lunch break today, on the way back from Chicken Licken via Exclusive Books to collect my copy of Black and Beautiful: Swimsuit Edition that I stumbled upon this little gem proudly brought to you by SARU and my very own uncle, P Divvy:

DROPOLY – The board game with extra kick... Because the game’s not over ‘til the very last drop(goal).

Players: 1 – 8
Ages: 18 years and older
Setup time: 10 – 12 minutes
Playing time: 80 minutes
Skills required: NONE!! Just a bottle (or 8) Kellerprinz Late Harvest, Capenheimer , Autumn Harvest Crackling or Witzenberg Stein..

The Rules:
Every player needs to take a sip from his/her drink whenever any of the following happens during the match:
  • Sky’s “Sideline commentator” Tony Johnson starts yelling vivaciously, and in the process also “jizz in his pants” when Richie McCaw creates a turnover. (‘Cause let’s face it, NO other player in world rugby quite does it for Tony like the All Black skipper....)
  • Ruan Pienaar misses a penalty or conversion
  • It sounds as if Grant Fox is going to start crying when the referee awards a penalty against the All Blacks
  • The camera crew film yet another one of Cape Town’s coloured community wearing an All Blacks jersey in the stands
  • Danie Rossouw drops the ball/knocks on
  • The All Blacks lose a line out
  • Bismarck du Plessis hits one of the opposition with a late tackle, only to apologise 0.28 seconds later, gesturing it was all unintentional and accidental
  • Anyone of the Sky commentators mentions any one of the words “altitude”, “veldt” or “above sea level” in a phrase/sentence
  • The camera crew show P Divvy and Dick Muir hugging and kissing in the coaching booth
  • Francois Steyn has an attempt at a long range drop goal
  • Ma’a Nonu decides to take on the defence instead of passing the ball
  • Chilliboy Ralapele makes a cameo appearance with less than a minute to go in the match
  • All Blacks forwards coach Steve Hansen says they’ll “attempt to address the issues at line outs next week” during a post match interview
  • A Springbok player, captain or one of the coaching staff says “it’s back to the drawing board for us” at the post match interview

The following will result in you downing/sculling your drink:

  • Ruan Pienaar being successful with a penalty or conversion
  • The last player/contestant to shout “Beeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssttt” when Tendai touches the ball
  • Anyone of the Sky commentators mentions any two of the words “altitude”, “veldt” or “sea level” in the same phrase/sentence.
  • Danie Rossouw manages to hold on to a pass
  • Steve Hansen claiming the All Blacks hooker and locks actually did practise line outs at their training sessions during the week
  • Graham Henry mentions the word “composure” at the post match interview

Geez.... Looksh loik "hic".. a lot of... "hic".... fun to me, raaightsh??

Hou dit regtig, my huisie!! (Keep it real, my homey!)

Phat Pik

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Phat Pik and his uncle.

Dear Phat Pik,

Let me start by offering an apology for not attending aunty Mavis’ birthday party last night. It’s just that I’ve been experiencing some serious problems with my car since the Lions arrived in the country. Matters seem to take a turn for the worst last night when my (SARU sponsored, of course) jalopy broke down on the way home from training. Luckily Oregan has given me the name of a white mechanic this time, which at least means I can keep taking the bloory thing back until the problem’s fixed. I should be back on the road again tomorrow, or so I hope.. You never know with mechanics.....

So, did you enjoy the game on Saturday? (Dêmmit that reminds me I must still thank Arthrob for scoring you those tickets on the Northern Pavilion!!) Anycase, it was a “lekke” game, hey!! As a coach who’s simply trying to be the best he can be, I can’t really put into words how proud I am of my team. Ok, if you insist, I suppose I can try… Like the mighty Julius Caesar once said: “Vini Vidi Fettucini” (which translates to “we came, we scored, we donnered!”)

Just a pity about Schalk’s “alleged” eye gouge, though.. Schalk assured me he’s innocent, and I stand by him and am convinced he didn’t do it. He said he just lost his balance while hitting the first ruck after kickoff, and before he could say “tutu”, Luke Fitzgerald grabbed his fingers and jammed it in his face, trying to gouge his own eyes!! Schalk was as surprised as the Lions supporters when referee Berdos send him to the bin, and said he really felt sorry for Fitzgerald when the crowd started jeering him. It’s not nice to have a player experience that from his supporters, you know, but then again… it’s rugby we’re talking about here and not dancing, hey…. Speaking of dancing – Bakkies was very emotional after learning of Michael Jackson’s passing on Friday, so he vowed to do a bit of moon walking on the field as a sort of tribute to MJ. Pity one of the Hair Bears had to be in the way at that exact moment...Mind you, the way Andrew Sheridan groped Andries Bekker in the 61st minute you could probably put money on the fact that he’s also a bit of a Michael Jackson fan..

So ja, it’s quite difficult to remain focused and humble at this time. We’ve clinched the series, all thanks to my experience and coaching ability. But to be honest with you I don’t understand why there was ever such a fuss made about Ian Mcgeechan? I mean, to put it in simple, understandable English – Mohamed looked up one sunny morning at the mountain; refused to give in to the warthog and in the end got the ice cream as dessert.... I simply out coached him, Phat Pik!
But, hey.. Do you think he’s congratulated me since? Maybe even take the time to send a sms to say “Pieter, you’re fantastic, and if only I knew how to make super substitutions like yourself it might’ve been different!!! But no, Phat Pik: NOTHING!! It’s a bit like a rabbit that crosses the road safely for 28 times, only to be run over by a 5 ton truck the very next time.. I guess life is not fair..

Ok, probably time for me to get back to the training session and do what I do best. You know, the early frog never catches swine flu..
I’ll ask Arthrob to leave the tickets at the team hotel for you again, just like last weekend.

Keep it real my homey
Your uncle, the champion
P Divvy
  • Phat Pik is Big Pik's black cousin... A bit more gangster, but with the same passion..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hairier moments

If it's not the Stormers running out of puff (yet again..) at Newlands, or the Proteas rolling over against Aussie on day 5 at the Wanderers, it's Liverpool drawing another blank in the Premier League, to only slip further behind Man Utd in the title race. And no, not another goalles draw at Anfield, but this time a 2-0 defeat to Middlesborough. Yip, you heard right!! That's "defeat", and not a so called "respectable" one against another one of the alleged "Big 4" clubs, but to relegation strugglers Middlesborough. Middlesborough!! M-I-D-D-L-E-S-B-O-R-O-U-G-H, for vark steaks!!!!

Add to that a feeling of utter disappointment after a hopeful search on the internet, to only learn that NO other team in our universe (come on, EP's Mighty Elephants.. get with the program!), not even Boudjellal's Toulon ('cause let's face it they currently have just about every "has been" on their books.. ) were willing to make a "Luke-rative" offer for the son-of-Cheeky's services over the weekend.. An offer which promises to take him out of Cape Town forever!! And, to just top it all off nicely, I had to sit through the Carling Cup Final early on Monday morning to see Man Utd win (yet) another trophy this season... When it rains, it pours, hey!!

So, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise if I'm not too keen on having a yarn about the weekend's rugby, cricket and soccer (sorry... football!) results.

No, instead, I thought I should say something about hairstyles and player images..

WTF?? Hairstyles? Now hold on: You might find it strange that a baldy like myself is willing to go that direction, but all I can say is that it's easy for the mind to go astray when your teams are playing as kak as mine are at the moment!

So, here are some of the hairstyles or "looks" that got my attention over the weekend: (feel free to add some of your own personal favourites, just in case I missed any)

Casey Laulala: Looks more like he belongs in the LA Lakers starting line up these days.

Nick Cummins: All together now: "ta na naa naaah... ta na na na naaah... ta na naah naah naaah!! It's the final countdooooown!" To quote Phil Kearns, the Force Flyer has got the "Europe look" going rather nicely!

Luka Modric: Ok, Kane has given me loads of abuse in the past for saying "I don't mind Tottenham", so it's nothing against Spurs, BUT can somebody please tell the little Croatian nobody takes a guy with an alice band seriously!! Never! Just look at Nathan Bracken.. I'm sure he would've made the test team on a regular basis if it wasn't for that ridiculous look.. Only Schalk Burger might be able to pull that one off if he wanted to, and only just....

Aaron Lennon: Another Spurs player... Can someone please explain the "Vanilla-Ice-GT -stripes-in-my-eyebrows" look? Wasn't that "hip" and "cool" in 1989?? Co-incidentally also the last time Liverpool won the league....

Taniela Moa and Benoit Assou-Ekotto: Moa might be playing for the Blues, but he caught the eye along with his fellow "braid"brother, Assou-Ekotto at Spurs. (what is it with Spurs and dodgy hairstyles??). Moa is a 108kg scrumhalf/half back, so I wouldn't dare making fun of him, but it's no wonder Assou-Ekotto is such a dreadful defender... Should come as no surprise, really... He probably doesn't have any energy left to run around on the field after platting his hair before a match.

Schalk Burger: Nothing bad to say about The Schalk's look. Was just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed a massive dip in form since he shaved his hair? A case of Samson losing his strength, perhaps?

Till next time

Big Pik

Monday, October 13, 2008

SA Rugby's future?

Arum Lilies on top after Zuma magic

Big Pik
12/07/2010 07:36:47 AM – (Equatorial Guinea)

Ex president Nelson Mandela (oops, sorry –Rholihlahla… don’t wanna upset Dr Nokuzola Mndende..) isn’t the only one who can inspire national sport teams to greatness.
The South African president, Mr. Jacob Zuma, (sorry, wasn’t too sure if he’s been awarded with a doctorate?? Well, pretty sure he’s not a medical doctor… not after the whole “I took a shower” episode.. maybe a plumber then?), weaved his magic wand in Equatorial Guinea on Saturday, inspiring the Arum Lilies to a 10-5 victory in the process.
Although the victory helped secure second spot in their qualifying group, it was a case of ‘too little too late’ for the Arum Lilies, as they can no longer qualify for the African Cup, which will be held in Kenya during September.

Zuma, who was on an Official State Visit to Equatorial Guinea to commemorate their Independence, managed to clear his busy schedule to support the Arum Lilies in Malabo.
“We were so proud when he walked into the changing room. His mere presence inspired us to give our best out there today!” the Arum Lily captain, Luke Watson said afterwards.
Watson, playing in his first competitive match since rupturing his "human rights” (again) earlier this year, said he was just “so chuffed to finally complete a match without any sporadic vomiting”.
Right wing(er), Jannie Malherbe (the only so called “quota player” in the team) managed to break the deadlock with a try at the end of the first half, after a fine piece of individual brilliance by Watson.
It was the Arum Lilies’ first try in 3 matches, after previous scoreless efforts against Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Libya.

“I am very happy with the performance” an elated coach Zola NoNo said afterwards.
“It was an extremely physical battle, and a more inexperienced outfit might’ve struggled to deal with the distractions we had to put up with before the match” NoNo said.
The coach was referring to an incident which occurred only moments before the match was scheduled to start, when referee Marius van Zyl had to withdraw due to an injury he picked up during his warm-up. The injury to the referee nearly led to the cancellation of the match, as earlier in the year a decision was made at the African Rugby and Soccer Expo (A.R.S.E), all future matches "to be officiated by dumb Dutchmen only."
Luckily for NoNo and his team, Francois Pienaar – “the dumbest Dutchman of them all” was in the crowd, and he was able to take the whistle, and the match commenced after a delay of only 22 minutes.….. (phew!)

The Arum Lilies now have a 3 week break before they’ll play in a friendly match against Namibia in Cape Town. This fixture replaces the originally scheduled international against Romania in Bucharest, which was cancelled after visas could not be secured for players, management staff and SABC personnel.

South Africa - Try: Jannie Malherbe. Conversion: Luke Watson. Penalty: Luke Watson.
Equatorial Guinea -Try: Precious Mbatha.
Man of the match: Luke Watson
Attendance: 541

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Double standards, double adaptors en double agents...

Nee, dis NIE die naam van Steve Stofsuier se nuwe album nie.. Ek kannie aan 'n opskrif vir die blog dink wat pittig en skerp is nie... Ek's sommer vandag net die moer in... Dubbel die moer in, dan seker!
Wag, laat ek dan seker maar probeer verduidelik...

Sien, die Crusaders het mos die Super 14 gewen... En nee: Dis nie waaroor ek moerig is nie.... Of, ek sal ook nie juis sê ek het op en af gespring Saterdagaand toe die eindfluitjie geblaas het, en die Crusaders spelers en supporters begin feesvier het nie.. Dit was omtrent so aangenaam om te aanskou as JP Nel "in full flight" daar op Loftus. In fact, die mees opwindendste deel van die celebrations op AMI Stadium die naweek, was seker toe daai perd uitgefreak het, en om die veld begin hardloop het!!!! Only in Christchurch, I tell yous!! (alhoewel ek gehoor het indien daai perd van Pretoria was, hy na die tyd op die dwarslat sou geklim het met 'n "Horses Rule" t-hempie aan...)

Ek het nie 'n probleem met die Cruaders nie. Die beste span het gewen. Wat my wel die *&^%$#^% ingemaak het, was toe ek die koerante oopgeslaan het Sondagoggend, en Richard Loe se indrukke van die finaal moes opeet. Oukei, dan: dit het my dubbel die *&^%$#^% in gemaak!
Ou Loe'tjie mention die vlge:
"The Super 14 final was a brilliant game of rugby, I thought, with the defences very good"

"It was a very Robbie Deans win. By that I mean, they played to their pattern and had faith in it. Deans and his team structured how they were going to play and they stuck to it - and that meant not going wide all the time but turning the ball in and keeping it and dominating territorially."

Dis sulke eenogigheid, wat my die moer in maak... Dubbel die moer in...

Dis nie dat ek NIE saamstem met daai ex-vuilgat speler genaamd Loe nie!! Ek het die finaal baie geniet. Dit was "close", spannend EN opwindend.. Hel, dit het selfs 'n dropgoal ingesluit!!! Is dit nie "what finals footy is all about" after all nie?

Nee, kyk: wat my wel grensloos geirriteer het, is die feit dat die NZ media nou ewe skielik nie genoeg kan kry om komplimente uit te deel aan die span wat die wedstryd gewen het, deur (1) baie/meeste balbesit weg te skop nie - sure, noem dit dan "tactical kicking", (2) uit en uit ingestel of bereid was om die opposisie die bal te gee, en te wag dat hulle foute maak in hulle eie halfgebied nie, en dan (3) low en behold ook nog so ver te moet gedaal het as om 'n skepskop oor te klits nie.....

Huh?? Nou wat nou? Is dit nie dieselle media wat die Engelse (en die Bokke dan ook!!) in Oktober laasjaar so verskriklik uitgevreet het oor hulle spelstyl in die World Cup nie?? Was dit nie dieselle media wat gesê het die World Cup Final tussen die Springbokke en Engeland was "boring", en het mislik as skouspel nie?
Snaaks hoe sienswyse kan verander in 'n paar maande as jou eie span aan die wenkant is... 8 maande terug het hulle nie gesê Jake White se Bokke "played to their pattern" in Parys nie... Nee, alles was mos vergete toe die AB's hulle name so gat gemaak het twee weke voor dit reeds teen die Franse daar in Cardiff...

Die Crusaders verdien hulle 7de Super title! Maar, menere Loe en kie kan gerus maar 'n slag die swart oogklappe afhaal... Double standards, double adaptors en double agents... Dit maak my die ^&^%$# in.... Dubbel die ^&^%$# in!, sê ek julle!